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Configure the eClinical MDR App

Step 1 - Open SqlServer Management Studio (SSMS)

Open SSMS.  It shows you its login screen (below).


Make a note of the Server name that hosts the CdashIgMetadata database you previously created, (ECLINICAL02) in GalaxyeClinical's case.

Step 2 - Open the Web.Api->appsettings json file and configure the Database Connection String  

Open VS2022.  Navigate to the Web.Api -> appsettings.json  file and open it.  The contents will be similar to the file below:

  "Logging": {
    "LogLevel": {
      "Default": "Information",
      "Microsoft": "Warning",
      "Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime": "Information"

  "connectionStrings": {
    "CdiscConnectionString":   "Data Source=EClinical02; Initial Catalog=CdashIgMetadata; MultipleActiveResultSets=True; TrustServerCertificate=True;   Integrated Security=True"


"EmailConfiguration": {
    "From": ",
    "SmtpServer": "",
    "Port": 465,
    "Username": "Your email address",
    "Password": "Your email address password"
  "AllowedHosts": "*"

Step 3 - Configure Email 

The eClinical MDR App catches exceptions thrown by the App, Microsoft, and other third-party components. In addition, we capture the project's name, file, and line number where the exception was thrown and a stack trace for troubleshooting.  

Enter the email address and password that should receive any diagnostic email from Galaxy eClinical. If you receive a diagnostic email from us, please forward it to so we can troubleshoot the issue and resolve it. Thank you!  

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