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Run and Use the eClinical MDR App

Do not attempt to install the application until our home page says the application is released.   

Run the eClinical MDR App

Open the eCRF MDR App VS2022 solution file.  It will look similar to the one below.


Click the Start button to launch the App.  A screen similar to the one below will appear (image cropped)

Use the eClinical MDR App

Use the  eClinical MDR App to import eClinical MDR Example CRFs and Domains into your CdashIgMetadata database, or another database if you prefer.

The eCRF MDR  App allows you to import, view, and delete Example CRFs and Domains metadata tables from the CDASHIG V2.2 for easy reference to the standard.  

You can use an App (yours, an open-source App, or a vendor's App) to fetch the Example CRFs and Domain metadata from the CdashIgMetadata database to review CDASH and SDTM  compliance or to generate CRFs for your study. 

View the Example CRFs and Domains in the Database

You can view the Domains and Example CRFs in the CdashIgMetadata database. To do so, launch SQL Server Management Studio.  You will see a screen similar to the following:


In the screen snapshot above, ECLINICAL02\SQLExpress is the server name where the CdashIgMetadata database lives. Your server name will be different, so select the name of your server from the server name dropdown list and click Connect.

Click the Databases tab to show the databases on the server. The 'eClinical MDR' database will appear (image cropped): 


Click the Tables tab to will show the database tables (image cropped):  


To view the data in the Domains database table, right-click the  Domains database table and select Select Top 1000 rows:  


The data in the Domains table appear (image cropped).    


To view the data in the Example CRFs database table, follow the steps above, but select the CRFs database table instead.

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