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The Clinical Standards Metadata Repository App supports the development of clinical trials based on industry standards, which facilitates communication and accuracy and speeds up the trial. 


It gives the clinical research community a metadata repository to help automate the development of case report forms (CRF) using standards developed by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC.  You can use this tool to reference standards when defining, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on clinical trials.  Surveys show high interest in CRF automation and the use of industry standards. 


The Clinical Standards Metadata Repository App (Clinical Standards MDR) is a free, open-source application.

  • View and search CDISC standards

  • Easily access CDISC Example Case Report Forms (aCRFs) .

  • Create your own sponsor-defined aCRFs 

  • Share information with separate data collection and management systems using an Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Have confidence in an application built on industry best technical practices for security, integrity,  accessibility and flexibility.

For more details go to Overview and Features.

The website was last updated February 19, 2024.

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