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Import CDASHIG CRF Metadata

Under 'CDASHIG CRFs' on the menu, click Import Worksheet.





This will display a directory of worksheet files containing metadata for 'Example CRFs' as specified in the 'Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization Implementation Guide for Human Clinical Trials (CDASHIG_v2.2)'.  These 'Example CRFs' were converted by Galaxy eClinical for import to the eClinical MDR App.   The file path is specified on the import page.

For more information about importing sponsor-defined CRFs see Import Sponsor eCRFs. 

import CRF

When the import is complete, the metadata details for the CRFs will display.  You can toggle to view the annotated CRF. 

Browse CRF Detail.png

Toggle to view the annotated CRF.

View Annotated CRF.png
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