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Browse CRF Metadata

You can easily browse the metadata tables for CDASHIG Example CRFs and your Sponsor-Defined CRFs. Once selected, you can then toggle to view either the selected CRF metadata or the annotated CRF.    









Under CDISC 'CDASH CRF Metadata, click the Browse menu option to display all the CRFs in the database for a given version and domain example.

You can page through the list or filter data across all the columns. For example, you can filter on 'V2.2' to view only Version V2.2.  You can filter by 'AE' to obtain the metadata versions for the 'AE' domain.  


Note: You can also share the metadata across applications using the Application Programming Interface (API).

Browse CRF.png

If you select a row, all the variables for that domain and version are displayed. You can then enter a filter to quickly find what you want. For example, you might filter on 'Category' or 'AECAT.'


You can toggle to see the aCRF (e.g. "AE", example 1).

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