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Example CRF Metadata

The eClinical MDR App lets you easily import, view, and delete metadata for CDASH Example CRFs or sponsor-defined eCRFs for reference and use by other applications.


Importing Example CRF Metadata

Clicking the Import CRFs menu displays a directory of metadata worksheet files for the Example CRFs available to be imported.  The Example CRFs are by domain and include the CDASH Installation Guide and sponsor-defined Example CRFs. See Sponsor Example eCRFs for more information on how to define them.  


When the import is complete, a list of example CRFs is displayed for you to browse.

Browsing Example CRF Metadata

Clicking the Browse a CRF menu option displays a directory of all example CRFs, both the CDASHIG Example CRFs, and the sponsor-defined CRFs.   You can filter by Domain, Title, CDASH Variable and SDTM Target Variable across all CDASHIG Example CRFs and sponsor-defined CRFs.


When you select an Example CRF ("AE", example 1), the details will display. 


If you filter by CDASH Variable or SDTMIG Target Variable, the list of Example CRFs matching the filter displays.  Then when you click on the example, only the variables that match the filter are displayed.

Image_CRF_browse_filter 2.png

Deleting Example CRF Metadata

Clicking the Delete CRFs menu option displays a directory of Example CRFs in the database.  Select the Example CRF worksheet to delete. Each worksheet pertains to a specific version of metadata.  All example CRFs with a matching version in the database are replaced with the metadata in the worksheet.  Note that there can be any number of Example CRFs in a worksheet, but they all pertain to one version of the metadata. 

Selecting an Example CRF in the directory displays a dialog asking the user to confirm that he wants to delete the CRF from the database.

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