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Error Handling

Worksheet Errors

This section lists the errors that a Worksheet could have.  

  • The Worksheet does not have the expected number of columns. 

  • The Worksheet Header column names do not have the expected number of columns.

  • The number of rows in the Worksheet matches the expected number of rows GalaxyeClinical derived from the CDASHIG PDF.

  • A Worksheet column contains a null value when CDASHIG PDF says the column should contain a string or number.

  • The length of the data in a Worksheet column is out of range according to the rules that GalaxyeClinical defined for Worksheet columns after reviewing the CDSAHIG PDF.

If the App detects a worksheet error, it: 

  • Logs the exception.

  • Sends an email containing details about the error to

  • Redirects the user to an "Error" page.

The "Error" page asks the user to forward a copy of the logs to to troubleshoot.

Third-Party Code

Third-party code that reads Excel Worksheets or performs operations on the database requires particular attention to reduce the risk of errors.  

To reduce risks, the eClinical MDR App wraps calls to third-party code, which performs operations on Excel spreadsheets and the database, in try/catch blocks.

If an error occurs, the code in the catch block logs the error, sends an email to, and redirects the user to an "Error" page.

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