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Download and Configure VS 2022 Community Edition

This page explains how to configure the Visual Studio 2022 development environment.    

The eClinical MDR Installer App Will the Visual Studio Installer for You.

It will ask you for permission to make modifications to your system.  Accept the request to start the Installation Process (that will take a while).    When the installer finishes, it will display the screen below.  

Clcik the Modify Button by the red arrow. That will display the screen shown in the next step.

Step 3: Configure Visual Studio

Click the checkboxes above red arrows below (1 and 2). Then click the Modify button (3).  

Step 3.1: Configure Visual Studio Individual Components

Click the checkboxes by the red arrows (1 and 2). Uncheck the checkboxes not used (3). Then click Close (4).  

That will display the screen in the next step

Step 4: Launch Visual Studio

Click the Launch button by the red arrow.  That will display the screen shown in the next step.

Step 5: Confirm Visual Studio Is Installed Correctly

We are going to create a Web app template that ships with Visual Studio to confirm that it is installed correctly. To do that, click the Install New Project button on the screen below.

Step 5.1: Create the Visual Studio Web App

Click the Blazor Server App project template by the red arrow (1).  Then click Next (2). The screen in the next step will appear.

Edit the Location where the Web App will be installed.  Replace "pdqua" with your Windows User Name. Your Windows User Name is in the "c:\Users" folder". Then click Next (2) to display the screen below.

Click the Framework dropdown and choose ".Net 7.0 (Standard Term Support) (1). Then click Create (2) Then click Next (2).

That will create and open the Web App you created as shown in the screen below

Launch the app by clicking the https button by the red arrow above.  That will display the app Home Page as shown below.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Visual Studio.

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