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Import Feature Tests

This section provides an overview of the automated tests that are used to test the Import Features.  

Step 1 - We Verified that Each Excel Worksheet Was In a Valid State Before Importing It Into the Database 

Valid State means: 

  • The Worksheet has the expected number of columns. 

  • The Worksheet Header column names match the list of expected Worksheet header names.

  • A Worksheet column value contains the type of data (text or number). 

  • The length of the data in each Worksheet column is within the range of the rules that GalaxyeClinical defined for Worksheet columns after reviewing the CDSAHIG PDF.

Step 2 - We Imported Each Worksheet Into the Database 

We did that using the user interface.  That proved that all the code required to import a worksheet into the database works. 

It also proves that:

  • the application was configured correctly, 

  • the database was installed correctly,

  • and so was the connection string required to connect to the database,

otherwise, the attempt to import a worksheet would have failed.  

Step 3 - We Verified that the Number Of Rows In the Database Matched the Number Of Expected Rows In the CDASHIG PDF

That proved that the worksheet contained the expected number of rows and all the rows are present in the database according to the CDASHIG PDF. 

Step 4 - We Verified that the Values Of The First And Last Row In the Database Matched the Values in the CDASHIG PDF

That proved that the process of creating the worksheet correctly and adding values to it worked as expected according to the CDASHIG PDF. 

Step 5 - We Verified that Database Actually Contains the Values in the Worksheet

There are two types of tests:


  • Tests that compare the values in the database to those in the Worksheet to prove that they were imported correctly. 

  • Tests that verify that no carriage return line feed characters are present in the database. Worksheets contain carriage return and line feed characters that should not be imported into the database because they are not present in the CDASHIG PDF.  The application removes these characters during the process of importing an Excel spreadsheet. 

We Bundled the Automated Tests In Our App So the End User Can Run Them On His Machine

This allows the user to independently confirm that the tests work.

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